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Who could have thought that a no-name factory situated in a hidden foothill in Xintian District, New Taipei City of Taiwan can cut down considerable costs for the world-class internationally well-known companies, including Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, HP, Dupont, and TSMC?

We’ve recognized the bottlenecks unable to be broken through in the existing packaging materials (paper folding, paper-plastic, blister, expandable polystyrene, pearl foam etc.) and the factories have no choice but to compromise to use them on account that the appropriate packaging materials are not available. We therefore solve the problems of other packaging materials by the buffer materials with air employed.

The advantages of our materials include low cost, light-weight, environmental-protection, non-toxic, non-pollution, available all over the world, small-sized, more protective, with more commodity value, multi-functional and less packaging time required.

By now the material we designed has been granted more than 100 patents, including those from Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, US, Germany and other countries. Our packaging products are widely applicable to toner folder, laptop, automative lighting, CD-ROM driver, wine bottle, TV, wafer, cosmeceuticals, medical equipment, server, home appliance (refrigerator, washing machine, oven) and electronic products.
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“When promoting air column packaging, many companies didn’t want to be the trial target, but we were lucky enough to embrace the opportunity.”
At that time, Coretronic was trapped into the bottleneck when they designed packaging for BenQ projector. The original packaging materials (EPE pearl foam) failed to protect products in tests due to little carton space. When Coretronic developers found no way out, we delivered our plan and asked them to have a try. They held a negative attitude towards the test with words like “You got to try despite the unsatisfactory result”. We instead were with the resolution to reach the goal. The result was outstanding. The product made 80% of projector packaging like NEC, DELL, Optoma and other brands in Coretronic over the 10 years 20% cheaper when it comes to original packaging materials. In addition, it also saved charges for a warehouse for Coretronic. Yes, Coretronic used to rent a warehouse to store the huge packaging materials, and now it was unnecessary after employing air column buffer (pump air when used, and before used it was as flat and thin as a plastic bag) without occupying too many spaces which in the meanwhile reduced logistics costs, human resource costs, etc. contributing considerably to cost reduction for the enterprise.
“Transforming crisis into will to survive and elevating is the foundation for success”
The opportunity came one after another with precedents and goodwill. In 2009 we received requests from our largest customer Samsung when our development and design capacities were improved, which proved not enough to deal with challenges provided by Samsung. There were three developers delegated by Samsung head office, and one of them was a director. They visited our company and determined to complete the packaging design for laser toner cartridge, only by finishing this task could they return to head office. We faced the music and design, sampling, testing in fear and trembling lest that we should lose this valuable customer due to failures. The testing result after one week satisfied them and they took the samples back to Korea. After that, we were inspired and unleashing more potentials. We later developed a multi-functional concept to maximize the value of a bag, which was equipped with buffer feature and features of dampproof, dust-free, static-free and anti-transparent while it could be finely printed. Thanks to Samsung’s orders, we decided to scale up the plant, expanded in Mainland China and started to purchase printing press, laminating machine and other machines to minimize the costs with the goal of heading for vertical integration.
“2012, prelude of our taking off”
The manufacturers sowed here before got heavy harvests now. A German senior creative director from HP found us by referring to the data kept before and wrote to ask whether our products could meet their needs. They required not only common buffer demand, but also features of preserving heat for products, which was totally beyond the reach of our existing knowledge. After a long discussion and development with HP, we finally developed a set of packaging solution and complete hardware sets which provided aids in delivery mode and packaging procedures in local tariff-free zone ODM foundries (Foxconn, Quanta) of Chongqing. From then on, the winter train packaging from Chongqing to Europe via Trans-Siberian Railway was perfectly solved. This railway was not suitable for delivering laptop in winter on account that the screen interior would be frosted and disabled the laptops when the temperature is below minus 20 degree. In consequence, HP had to adopt sea transportation which extended for another 15 days and raised the delivery expenses compared with train delivery. The development this time was not only serving as one of our most significant milestones, but also one of the most successful cases for HP making the laptop delivery quicker and cheaper than other rivals in winter. We took this opportunity to root and boom in Chongqing.
“God helps those help themselves”
2014 witnessed our peak in terms of design capacity. The senior developers from Sony visited us and asked us to design LED TV packaging. They sought air column packaging materials with only four corners wrapped, which was an overturn of traditional expandable polystyrene packaging! We were surprised at how the conservative Japanese produced such bold designs. It was no wonder that Sony has always been one of the leading enterprises in Japan. The constant bold innovation contributed to their achievements.
After constant tests and designs, we finally completed developing a kind of packaging meeting all the testing conditions listed by Sony. Moreover, the original cartons were 26% scaled down to considerably reduce the delivery expenses of Sony. In addition, due to the little space occupied, our packaging materials could be immediately sent to each production base of Sony throughout the world (e.g., Mexico, Brazil, Slovakia, and Malaysia) which also saved the molding costs. Each product was in different shape but all of them were required to be equipped with a set of mould. There might be more than 60 types of models of Sony’s products and multiplies more than 5 production bases, which might spend over 1 million dollars on moulds. What’s more, there are new machines developed each year! Our air column buffer is designed to meet common needs which can be applicable to all the machine types with two dimensions.
Last but not least, it outweighs expandable polystyrene when it comes to environmental protection. It won’t release toxic gases when burnt and it is No.7 plastic recycling product (PE/PA) with carbon reduction reaching 37%. This achievement has been recognized as a legend and a display counter was established and opened to the public in headquarters, Osaka Japan. Thanks to Sony, we’ve not only harvested with a mountain of orders but also set 10 more production lines which stretch the territory. Ultimately, we founded offices and factory specialized services Sony respectively in Japan and Malaysia.
Still bothered by how to cut down the packaging materials? Have no idea where to buy low-priced and high-quality packaging materials? Don’t know how to design packaging structure? We were born to solve your problems! We provide the most reasonable prices, perfect quality, distinguished services, professional designs for customers. Our value is to minimize your costs.
AirbagPacking Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2005 whose head office was located in Xintian District of New Taipei City. We mainly involved in producing air column buffer packaging materials, carton paper, pallet, wrap film, heat shrinkable film, support strake, EPE pearl foam and other relative products. The capital stock of it now reaches NTD 250 million.
The manufacturing plants, offices and delivery warehouses have been established in Taipei of Taiwan, Suzhou, Kunshan, Chongqing, Shanghai of China, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Chiba of Japan, and Los Angeles of US. We are aspiring to build up more delivery warehouses and service more people in the future.
Our company is prospective and would like to recruit talents for co-development. If you agree with our philosophy, please be sure to join us!


  • Invention patents from US, Taiwan, China, Germany and the application proceeds one after another

  • Obtain 14 patents from Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea and U.S. 
  • BenQ Projecter
  • Applied for 15 more patents. 
  • Enter European toner market
  • Supply to Dell Taiwan for projector.
  • Established Suzhou Factory in China 
  • Become Samsung printing division vendor 
  • Designed 5 more models for Samsung Toner package
  • Our yearly  revenue increase  one  fold
  • Ching Su Province High Tech Certification
  • Taiwan and Suzhou Factory expanded production capacity
  • Panasonic camera Packaging
  • Supplying US Jabil’s Direct TV Set Top Box
  • Designed PCM pallet packaging  for HP 
  • Toshiba Hardisk, Sony HDD.
  • Improve packaging for LED lighting
  • German IF packaging design award ( AIRPCS Inflatable Mail Bag)
  • Supplying HP Blade server.
  • Supplying Sony LED TV, from 24”~50”size
  • Chicago, US Good Design Award (mouth blowing type mailing bag, TV packaging)
  • Germany IF Design Packaging Award (TV packaging)
  • Established Malaysia Plant
  • Established Japan Office
  • Established Taoyuan Carton Paper Plant
  • Kunshan (Zhouzhuang) Plant has approved to build up plant
  • German Design nomination (TV packaging)
  • German Design Award (combined plastic pallet)
  • Introduced Panasonic TV packaging
  • Completed the Kunshan Factory
  • Sales model transformation, mainly involving in providing all-aspect packaging materials.
  • Germany Red Dot Design Award (mouth blowing type mailing bag, TV packaging)
  • Japan Good Design (mouth blowing type mailing bag, TV packaging)
  • The website was officially renewed into and became a one-stop packaging material service website
  • iF Package Design Award - UB Air Pallet (2017, German)
  • Red Dot - Wine AIRPCS (2017, German)