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Customized AIRPCS
Brand : AIRPCS
Product Introduction
Having trouble protecting your fragile, irregular-shaped products?
Let the experts handle your problem RIGHT NOW!
AIRPCS packing specifically customized for your products offers you complete satisfaction!
An expert in packaging--, professional and well-experienced with international brands.
1. One-way valves (patent) keep AIRPCS inflated without leaking.
2. Air columns are designed independent. A puncture on a certain column does not affect protection of the other columns.
3. Suitable for express transportation with cartons, passed UPS drop test.
4. Set air pressure to 0.7kg/cm2 when a air compressor is applied.
5. Recyclable material (no.4 plastics), safe and toxic-free.
Don't know how to inflate? <FAQ>
Inflation demonstration <Click Here>