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Brand : AIRPCS
Product Introduction
Reddot award 2017 winner
All-new designed Wine AIRPCS
Unique “Air tubes”
The new Wine AIRPCS with continuation of AIRBAG’s previous design, possessing the advantages of convenient delivery, it is printable, it can keeps wine bottle cool temporary, and each air tube is working independently.
It has high flexibility, design can be changed base on sizes and models applied, and this all-new designed Wine AIRPCS has enhanced overall protection, the wine bottle will not fall out even if it is placed upside down during transportation, top and bottom both have excellent cushioning support, and the bottom side can also be stand by its own.
Dual layer design to the most fragile part of the bottle, it is well protected and fixed by air bags, not able to get damaged easily by vibration. The Inflatable Wine AIRPCS is totally flat before used / inflated, which can save storage space, it is reusable, even after use, and you can tear it open to release the air so that it becomes flat again for easy recycling (PE).

It does not produce any harmful substance after combustion and is also biodegradable. Collocate the Wine AIRPCS with our auto-inflation system, no matter where you are, in the factory or at the shop, you can inflate the Wine AIRPCS fast and easy, one person could operate this system, save times and manpower, help you achieve your business in logistics.

WineAIRPCS prevent wine bottles from damage during delivery. Wine temperature in our WineAIRPCS can be maintained for a certain period of time as air is a poor conductor of heat.
WineAIRPCS is perfect for regular 750ml wine bottle.
How to use:
An inflator or an air compressor is needed (with air pressure set to 0.8kg/10psi). Blowing out during inflating is avoided with a pressure regulator.
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