Deliver Packs

Item code : AP-PR675200
Brand : AIRPCS
Product Introduction
A great revolution of packing material!

Thickness: 150μm
Length: 200m
Still wrapping your products with traditional bubble wraps, ending up with a mummy that is too big for your carton? Try a better packing material right now!
AIRPCS Rolls provide your products the best protection, saving your space and saving your time as well. AIRPCS Roll, a revolution of packing!

AIRPCS Packing Roll applications.
- Deliver cushion : 3C products, Television,  Monitor,  HDD
- Fragile items protection : Bottles, Glass products, Ceramic cups, Fruits
- Leisure life : Camping mattresses, Cushions
- Keep temperature and humidity : Wine, Toner cartridges, Milk powder
1. One-way valves (patent) keep AIRPCS inflated without leaking.
2. Air columns are designed independent. A puncture on a certain column does not affect protection of the other columns.
3. Suitable for express transportation with cartons, passed UPS drop test.
4. Recyclable material (no.7 plastics), safe and toxic-free.
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