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GrabnPack-Pouches in Carton
Brand : AIRPCSPouch
Product Introduction
Light, tough and puncture-proof.
Already-inflated pouches ready to go.
Not a big user? Go GrabnPack!

Pouches in a carton:
Size 200x120(mm)-- about 100 pouches
Size 200x200(mm)-- about 50 pouches
Carton size: 555*188*696(mm)
More weight, more shipping fee.
Super-light AIRPCSPouch gives you the lightest and toughest box fill.
Stop filling your box with paper or styrofoam!
Get our AIRPCSPouch and nailed it with both protection and appearance of packing. A must-have for on-line shopping!
1. Super-light material reduces shipping fee.
2. Tough and puncture-proof.
3. Already-inflated.
4. Recyclable plastics no.2, biodegradable material.