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Honeycomb paper sleeve
Product Introduction
Eco-friendly Materials
Reusable & Easy to Use
Space Saving
Eco-friendly Materials
Honeycomb paper sleeves are fully made from 100% recycled paper, fully biodegradable, reducing waste for the planet, a good alternative to bubble wrap / bubble sleeve to protect wine bottle.  It’s not just a practical accessory but also a sustainable choice for wine enthusiasts.
Reusable & Easy to Use
No need to inflate, just put the sleeve on your items in seconds and start using it. Save time and give your products a beautiful finish!  These durable bottle travel sleeve protector bags can be used repeatedly in luggage for cars, planes, cruises.
Wide Application
Wine Bottle Protector can be cut to fit a variety of bottle sizes and types from small to large.  Our wine protector bags safeguard mason jars, bottles, jars, candles ,cosmetic ceramics and other fragile goods from breaking during jet, cruise travel, picnics, camping, shipping, and moving.
Space Saving
The wine bottle protective cover is easy to store when not unfolded, great for space saving; it can be stretched to fit the bottle body, saving packaging volume and costs. Whether for personal use or as thoughtful wine and travel accessory gift for a special occasion, it’s the ideal way to bring home additions to your wine collection. Be the hero your bottles need!
Crash-proof with All-round Protection--Wine bottle protector sleeves are made from Kraft paper, when used in expansion, it forms a honeycomb structure with hexagonal cells, strong and rigid, shock-proof and compressive, perfect protection for wine bottles and similar shaped glassware, which is the toughest bottle protector on transportation.
1x22cm x 80 layers
1x32cm x 80 layer
1x35cm x 80 layer
1x45cm x 80 layer
1x60cm x 80 layer