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AIRPCS Inflator
Item code : AIO 600
Brand : AIRPCS
Product Introduction
For AIRPCS Roll.
Get your AIRPCS ready immediately!
Airbag Packing has released AIRPCS inflation system for packing rolls (AIO-600), high-speed inflation, charge and use right away, fulfill rapid production and shipping efficiency.

AIRPCS packing roll is best for irregular shape packaging, smaller size, much stronger protection, reduce delivery cost and warehouse space, cut & pack, fast and easy. Good for replacing heavily wrapped cushioning material. Green material, easy to recycle.

A whole new packaging solution. Choose from column, block or bubble type which suitable for your product/ application. The column type can be transformed into an end cap, U bag or L bag type for a different application. World wide patented AIRPCS packing roll offer variety of size and structure. Comes flat in a roll and inflate upon use. Reduce warehouse space, packaging time, and labor.

1. Patented one way air valve.  Air can only be flowed in.
2. Every air column is isolated, so damage of one column will not influence the others.
3. Good for packing with carton for courier delivery. UPS drop certified.
4. 7th category of green material, recyclable plastic, safe and non-hazardous. RoHS compliance.

AIRPCS Packing Roll applications.
- Deliver cushion : 3C products, Television,  Monitor,  HDD
- Fragile items protection : Bottles, Glass products, Ceramic cups, Fruits
- Leisure life : Camping mattresses, Cushions
- Keep temperature and humidity : Wine, Toner cartridges, Milk powder

Size:85 x 55 x 47 cm 
Power:110/220V (Selectable)
Inflation speed:10m/mins
* Compressed air is required.
* Winder need to purchase separately.